After a long hard decision I've decided I have to rehome Einstein my male african grey parrot. I have had him since he was a few months old and he's been treated like royalty since. He comes out of his cage onto his perch every morning until evening. Be warned parrots are very destructive and will ruin everything they can get their beaks on. Anyone who's had a parrot before will know what I mean. He talks and says multiple short sentences but will take quite a long time to become comfortable in his new home as all birds do. Birds are not like cats or dogs and take a LONG time to build trust. I am looking for someone who has experience with African Grey's before & will let him out of his cage daily. (Not doing so would be torture for him as he's been out everyday since being a baby.) He is bonded to his one owner and will take time to adapt to a new owner. He is semi tame in the terms that he is attached to me and will not bite me but cannot be fully trusted with others. ( He will bond with his new owner over time ). Parrots need constant attention and can't be just left in a quiet house all day as this will drive them insane, they need engagement constantly to keep their brains active. If you feel you could give Einstein a loving forever home & let him out of his cage for a few hours daily please contact me. He was hand reared by the breeder as baby and has a leg ring with his identification number on to prove he is captive bred in the US. His cage will be included as pictured but please note there is a small hole in the bottom tray which will need replacing.

Male African Grey Parrot

Einsten : Young